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Dear Sasha Doll Lover,

Thank you for viewing my catalog of patterns and clothes for Sasha dolls and friends. I hope you find something you will enjoy for your dolls.

The patterns are designed to fit the standard Sasha dolls but will also fit the older smaller dolls but will be a bit bigger on them. They should fit the brand new dolls fine since they are being made from the same molds.

The patterns are done on 81/2"x11" paper.

If you have any questins or special requests about fabrics or styles just e-mail me and I will answer them the best I can.

The name Sasha, Sasha Dolls, Sasha Morgenthaler, Sasha-Puppe and Sasha Morgenthaler-Puppe are proprietarry trademarks of GOTZ-Puppenfabrik GmbH and are used under the exclusive license from the Inheritance Community of Sasha Morgenthaler.